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Thursday, April 24, 2014
Encouraging & Serving People!

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        NW Outreach Ministries 
 Meeting Needs Wherever God Leads!
Our purpose is to encourage, inspire, and enrich fragile hearts and lives...
Because He loved us first!    E-m:
Non profit 501 (c)3  all donations to NW Outreach Ministries are tax-deductible

Not Forgotten!
We honor our founder, John Sanders, by continuing to bring people to Christ through the efforts of NW Outreach Ministries! May God give wisdom, strength, and His blessing as we move forward to share His amazing love! We miss you John!

        May 28th - May 31st     
         SeaTac Rest Area Coffee Service 2014  
(Next to Wild Waves)
   NW Outreach volunteers serve coffee to 1,000+ people...
chances are you were one of them!
    You can feel good if you volunteered or contributed
     to NW Outreach last year
      Here are some examples of how people were helped:
  • Fish Food Bank
  • S Kitsap Helpline
  • moving expenses for a single mom in a fragile situation
  • help for a widow's electric bill
  • My Sisters Closet,Tacoma                                                                                                                                                                                               

        Some of you came along for the ride...and helped
NW Outreach host the Sparks Stadium Refueling Station for cancer research funding! 
1.9 million $$$    
Want to volunteer in August, 2014?  Check it out at